The mountain adventurers have animals pack the equipment in to a remote area in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Return to Jim Peirce Home Page

The list of trips is below.  The attendance list is here.  The list of items to bring (the matrix) is here.


1997        Humphries Basin, out of North Lake        PEIRCES

1998        Indian Rock meadow, out of Kennedy Meadows    SCHMELTZERS

1999        Long Lake in Kaiser Wilderness, out of Huntington Lake  NICOLE/RACHEAL

2000        Seville Lake in Sequoia NF between Kings Canyon NP/Sequoia NP  SPENCERS

2001        Pine Creek Canyon, 25 miles northwest of Bishop  PEIRCES

2002        Thousand Island Lake, 10 miles west of Mammoth  REZNECHEK

2003        North Fork Kings River,  Courtwright Reservoir        SCHMELTZER

2004        Golden Trout Wilderness,  Little Kern River          ROSENBERGER

2005        June Lake,  Waugh Lake camp                              PEIRCE

2006        Virginia Lakes                                                            NAVAS

2007        Sonora Pass -- Fremont Lake                                 SCHMELTZER

2008         McGee Creek                                                            ROSENBERGER

2009        Rock Creek Car Camp                                              PEIRCE

2010        Cabin Angeles Oaks

2011        Mammoth

2012        Mammoth

2013        Mammoth

2014        Mammoth

2016        Mammoth




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