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The two items at this mountain adventure were mosquitoes and rain.

The trip started on a clear day with now clouds in the sky from the north end of Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop.

The packer Frontier Pack Train  used 7 mules to pack all the 9 adventurers stuff. 

The length of the hike was supposed to be 5.5 miles (guidebook) or 6.5 on the trailhead guide. But everyone agreed that 7.5 miles or more

was more likely, as everybody was tired when we arrived in camp.  There was even some threats of bodily harm from two of the female hiker

to the organizer.   The elevation gain between the start and end points was 2200 feet, but there were a lot of up and downs and the total was

more like 2800 feet.   That was a lot of gain and the final straw was that the trail was rough with steps and baseball sized rocks which made the

hike even worse.

When we arrived at the level forested camp site by the river (very nice) there were lots of mosquitoesAfter covering ourselves with DEET, we kept the bugs at bay, but they were annoying.  They left when the wind started, but kept coming back.

We agreed to not talk about them.

The other issue was rain.  It rained Friday and Saturday afternoon, and really poured just after we go back to the pack

station and we loaded up the cars in the rain.  George had to move his tent after the water pooled underneath it.


This is the group photo.

Camp life of cooking, reading, etc is detailed on the camp life page.


The hike in and out is on this page.


We did two day hikes on Friday and Saturday.


The fishing was great.







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