This is the 2000 trip to the Sequoia Nation Forest between Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NP.    Return to Mountain adventurer index page

We hiked 7 miles to Seville Lake while the packer used 8 mules and two cowboys to transport our "stuff" to the lake. 

 It rained the first afternoon for 2 hours and we huddled under the mosquito canopy.  The weather was fine the rest of the time. 

Camped at 8300 feet.

MA00_GRP.JPG (70521 bytes)       SEVILLE2.JPG (75975 bytes)     SEVILLE4.JPG (59529 bytes)      ma2000_lake.jpg (79072 bytes)        ma2000_camp.jpg (92963 bytes)         ma2000_atoppass.jpg (96157 bytes)

Group picture        Small lake        Smaller Lake                    Lake                    Camp time                Atop pass