Mammoth  September 2014 Mountain Adventure

This years Mountain adventure took place at Mammoth on  September 6 through 9.  Most of the usual attendees couldn't make it and only Sharon, Jim, Nicole, Chris and Mike were present.

Everybody arrived by 5PM on Saturday, although Chris had some traffic problems in Riverside.

Here are some pictures of the activities on Saturday afternoon.

The weather was good on Sunday and we hiked up the Duck Pass trail from Lake Mary to Barney Lake at the foot of the pass.  Here are some pictures of the hike.

The weather forecast for Monday was 40% rain.  We drove to Mosquito Flat at the trailhead of Little Lakes Valley.  It was cloudy, but we hiked up to Gem Lakes next the top of the Sierras.  After about 10 minutes it hailed and rained for 10 minutes while we huddled under a tree with a survival blanket over us.  While hiking the 4 miles back to the trailhead, it rained intermittently. We stopped at Convict Lake on the way back to Mammoth.  Here are some pictures of the hike.