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The 2003 Mountain adventure was from July 24 to 27.   We Stayed overnight at the packer headquarters in a platform tent. 

 Some slept in their trucks and SUV's.  We Awakened at 3:00 AM to the sound of thunder and it rained for 1 and 1/2 hours. 

 All clear in the morning.  We drove up to Courtwright Reservoir where the  trail started.  

The pack animals (8) were accompanied by Tami, who rode in.   The group took off and after a stop for lunch,

dictated by Jim, (We were just short of a beautiful place) we  arrived at the camp site at 2:00 PM. The Camp Site was beautiful.

Daily activities included hiking, fishing and reading. A bear was spotted gong up river 250 yard form the camp.  

 George  was talking and without a pause in his talking said "There is a bear up there".  The bear scared a deer out of the bushes. 

  The bear was cinnamon colored and a teenaged bear.  

 According to who saw the bear, it was big or small. No picture was gotten of the bear and we never saw him again.

It rained for an hour Saturday night during dinner.  

 These views of the camp show these activities.

We hiked up and down the river and up the ledge above camp.    

  Too soon Sunday came when we were hiking out.   We left at 10:00 got back at the trail head at 4:30.

pulled in at 6:10.    A nice four days in the wilderness.