Mammoth  September 2016 Mountain Adventure

This years Mountain adventure took place at Mammoth on  September 6 through 12.  Jim and Sharon B came on September 6 and left September 9.  Jim and Sharon R came September 7 and left September 11.  Rob, Ricardo, and Chilo came September 8 and left September 12.

Jim and Sharon B explored the Tungsten Hills, NW of Bishop.   The pictures are here.

Jim and Sharon B also explored the mountains east of Mammoth.  The pictures are here.

Jim and Sharon B and Jim and Sharon R drove up the Laurel Lakes road south of Mammoth.  It was a boulder strewn, rough, shelf road that climbed 3000 feet in 4.7 miles.  The trip up and down took us one hour each way.  We parked at the last switchback and hiked down 200 feet to the lake.  The pictures are here.

A short hike from Horseshoe Lake to Mcleod Lake showed the blue sky and beautiful weather at Mammoth in September.  Pictures are Here.

Pictures around Rob's cabin are here.

 A hike to Devils Post Pile was done by the remaining campers.  The pics are here.  

A picture of the group at Mcleod Lake is below.