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The 2006 Misadventurers was held at the Big River Inn on the California side of the Colorado River across from Parker, Arizona. The rooms had a sliding glass door that looked out at the River and onto a lawn.  Although we did not fill the Inn up ( there were 22 rooms) the lawn became our private place.  The rooms were clean, but had some deferred maintenance.   Our room was loaded with supplies for the party.  The river view from the edge of the lawn was fabulous.  The first night the fire was on the barbeque grill,  but the remaining nights was held on the pebble parking lots adjacent to the grass.  Tables were set up on the lawn and we ate al fresco as the weather was cool the first night but comfortable the last two nights.  The day time weather was in the low 80s with high 50s at night.  No air conditioning was needed at night. 

The first day was spent getting acquainted again and pictures and more information are here.

The second day had a walk in the desert, a visit to Swansea, horseshoes, and massages with more picture an information here.

The third day started with a short hike on the way to the desert bar and culminated with three ladies floating down the Colorado River. Pictures and info are here.

The last day was a pancake breakfast, followed by the awards.  Everybody was gone by 10:00 o'clock. Pictures and info here.

A post adventure party was held on  9 June and the Pictures are here.


                     Inn                                                                                                                        Host's room


                          Supplies                                                                                    River view                                                                                    Fire on pebbles