This is the 2001 Misadventure at the Bonnie B Ranch 

The 2001 event was at the Bonnie B Ranch Resort, which is 60 miles south of Yosemite.  

The weather was hot Thursday and Friday.  Overcast on Saturday with nice day on Sunday.  

The main and small house were well used by the group.  Activities included hiking, horse back riding, 

golf, fishing, swimming, and laying around.   George and Stephanie's adventure and Ode were all a part

of the misadventure.  The attendance list shows who was here and who was not here this year and years past.  

The final night barbeque was held at a lovely sight down by the old mill.

    George and Stephanie had a party on July 28, 2001 which was well attended.


         Group Picture (minus George)

           P5130851.JPG (76521 bytes)    Here are some new Pictures from Jim R   in July 2012  Click Here