George and Stephanie's big adventure



P5120808.jpg (44597 bytes)      Sign posted in stores in North Fork


Ode to George and Stephanie's Adventure

Sung to   "Do you know the way to San Jose"


Do you know the way to Bonnie B

We're waiting here for George and Stephanie

Hardly slept a wink last night at all

Gave Sheriff Anderson a frantic call



Grizzly is a great big snow bank

Put a Honda in and spend the night

You gave your friends a terrible fright



We've been looking high and low for you

Up all night and wondering what to do

If you'd told us where you planned to go

We could have found you a long long time ago




Search parties were organized real fast

Went everywhere to save your sorry ass

Pulled out by a forest ranger truck

How could you be so dumb you stupid f**k