Tonopah June July 2014

We drove to Tonopah NV for a four day trip, June 29 to 2 July 2014. On the way we explored Sugarloaf mountain by Montgomery Pass in NV.  There was little mining activity.

The second day we drove up the Gabbs Poleline road past the not yet completed solar plant.  It uses mirrors to heat liquid Sodium.  The liquid Sodium is stored in tanks for producing electricity when the sun is not shining.  We explored the Rolyston south and Blue Gem mine on the way to the Cloverdale Ranch.  The Ranch is adjacent to a spring which water a large area for grass for cattle.  The Ranch has been abandoned for at least 15 years.  The Golden King, Orizaba, Marble, and Hyland mines were explored on the way back to Tonopah.  The pictures are here.

The third day the exploration of the Hannaph valley on the east side of Tonopah.  The Silver Moon, Richardson and lots of small mines in the valley.  Then east to an abandoned microwave tower and Ellendale town site.  There was a non-working .22 rifle on a stick at the Ellendale site.  There was a small spring in this dry area at the end of the road and we encountered 2 wild horses that were no afraid of us.  The Imperial group, Jumbo Mine (Barite), and Unnamed Prospect C mines were in the same area.   The pictures are here.

The sun set under some clouds that evening and produced a golden glow for the town of Tonopah.   The pictures are here.

We had a flat tire on the way home from a branch that penetrated the right rear inner side wall of the tire. 

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