The Panamint valley is west of Death Valley. Highway California 170, Trona Wildrose Canyon Road, runs north through it, although in November 2015 there was an unpaved section about 2 miles long in the center of the valley. The north south valley is bordered by the Argus Range to the west and the Panamint Range to the east. Death valley is the valley to the east of the Panamint mountain range. Various roads run up the canyons and usually have mines on them or end at mines. We stayed at the Pinnacle Inn in Trona to avoid a 24 mile trip to Ridgecrest. Trona is a small town with one motel and only two very small over the counter diners. More motels and lots of restaurants are available in Ridgecrest. The pictures show the valley from Sout Park road looking to the Northwest, West, and Southwest.