This cruise was to go to warmer climes, but since we live in Southern California, everybody on the Sapphire Princess said we already were in a warm climate.   Only a small fraction of the cruisers were from the Los Angeles area.   We left on Saturday morning, sailed two days and arrived in Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday.  The next day, Wednesday, we were in Mazatlan.  As we left Mazatlan, the captain came on the intercom sounding very somber.   We thought there had been a major event in the US, but he only informed us that we would be bypassing the next port of call, Cabo san Lucas, because of weather.   The news on the TV on the ship is very poor, by design, so we had been out of touch for 5 days.  The last two days were cooler and stormy, but we had missed all the bad weather that had happened in Los Angeles the previous week. 

            The Sapphire Princess was 6 years old, but was very clean and looked like new.  The food was good, but the service in the dining rooms varied from fast (one hour for dinner) to slow (2 hours for dinner with cold food).   The food in the Horizon Court (the buffet ) was almost as good and you could choose what you wanted and how much you put on your plate.   The absence of the fawning waiter (pimping for tips, as one of our friends puts it) was very pleasant.  The shows were not great, but the movies kept us occupied during the 4 sea days.  It is nice respite from the middle of winter in Southern California.  Notes

            The first event of a cruise in the safety briefing (lifeboat drill).   We assembled in the theatre for the drill and the picture below shows the assembled cruisers.