Hawthorne NV  June 1 to 4   2014

We took another trip to Hawthorne NV to look at mines and old towns.  The route is up to Bishop over Montgomery pass to Hawthorne.

We Stopped on the top of Mongomery pass and investigated the mines in the Queen Canyon area.   There used to be a Casino and 2 motels at the top of the pass, but thery closed and then burned.   We also visited Orchard springs where there used to be a ranch. The pictures are here

The second day we drove NE of Hawthorne  to Gabbs, which has a closed mine.  We visited the El Capitan, Victory tungsten, Lodi Illinois,  Habruck, Broken Hills, and White Pine mines.  The pictures are here.

The third day we drove east 10 miles to Kincaid and the up Paymaster canyon road.  We went to several mines including a Copper mine and then had lunch at the top of the road.  Finally we went back to the Dover and Green Talc mine NE of Hawthorne to pick up some Andulcite rock, which has a pretty blue color.  The Pictures are here.

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