We went on a Gate1 tour to Egypt.   We stayed 3 nights in Cairo, 7 nights on a river boat, 2 nights at a Red Sea resort (Hurghada), and the last night in Cairo.  Egypt is full of tombs, temples, pyramids and interesting street life. The weather was cool during the 2  to 16 December trip.   The hotels and river boat very at least 4 stars, but the food in all the places was not great.  On the way to Egypt, the stops were Newark and Rome.  On the way back we flew to Munich and then 12 hours to Los Angeles.  Long way to go to get there and back.  The picture below shows the great pyramid at Giza.  It is perhaps the most recognizable site in Egypt.  The picture below it is the group picture of the 39 tourists and our guide Amro.        Jim notes       Sharon writeup


Great Pyramid at Giza


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