These are pictures of the camp life during the trip.   We helped in the kitchen and loading the truck. Somewhat like

car camping.  Click on image to enlarge.                                                                                                    BACK TO MAIN PAGE

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First night tents                        Bicycle ride to village            Luxury in tent                    Real camping, set up ourselves

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Preparing dinner             Eating lunch under Baobab tree   Mokoro (dugout) canoes       Okavaga delta camp

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     Resting at camp                    Taking a nap                       Ursula cooking dinner               Dinner preparation

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  Dancing at camp                    Lead by local villagers          Embarking on the mokoros      Charging up the batteries

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Typical bathroom                    Fun in the bus/truck            Listening to Peter                 Swakopmund  lodge

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 Checking to see where people sit   Camp under tree               Warm here and windy            More camping

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Have to get out of the sun      Packing the truck                 Changing for the airport