We left our campsite at the south end of Joshua Tree National Park on the BLM land adjoining the Los Angeles aqueduct and drove east on the I10 to Red Cloud Road. We stopped about half way to the Red Cloud mine in a Cholla forest. We show a desert tortoise and while we were exploring the surrounding area, three cars stopped to ask directions. They had missed their turnoff 1 mile back and had proceeded up a very rough road to that point. They turned around after we straightened them out, but they were at high risk at getting stuck or getting damage to their vehicles. The road got worse and we finally had to turn around about ½ mile beyond the mine. The mine is up a side canyon with the processing plant on the west side of the canyon. On the way back to I10 we stopped at several mysterious rock houses. The last picture shows our campsite by the aqueduct.  Click on the pictures to see larger images

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