On Tuesday we drove up Cottonwood Road to the visitor center and its nice bathrooms. Thin on Old Dale Road, which is a maintained dirt road to the Sunrise mill site. Lots of rock buildings. This is where the ore was transported from the mines and processed. There is a well nearby which provided the water. In wet years, there is a shallow depression, which fills with water. No water this year (2015). Continuing on we turned to the east on the Brooklyn mine road to the golden Rod mine. Not much left except household appliances which have been there a long time. The shaft is covered with rebar and goes down about 300 feet. The Standard mine is at the southern end of this alcove in the mountains. Here there were 5 old cars dating to just after WW II. Also there were beer or soda cans with aluminum tops with pull tabs on them. About half the cans, as shown in the photo, had the top intact and the bottom opened with a church key. Progress is hard for some people. The road is rough after the turnoff from Old Dale road. The area is remote with few visitors. The Pinto Basin wilderness area is to the east. The other side of those mountains is Eagle Mountain mine. Click on the pictures to see larger images.

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