Eureka Nevada

The trip to central Nevada was in August 2016. A map of our trip in central Nevada is here. We stopped on the California Nevada border on US 6 and drove up Queen Canyon. There was little left of the mine.   We continued up the road to a saddle where the trail to the summit of Boundary peak, the tallest mountain in Nevada, starts.   Pictures of this side trip area here.

Smokey Valley and Highway 50 to Eureka.  The next morning we drove up Highway 376 into Smokey Valley and then up Ophir Canyon to the ruins of the town and mines.  There are a lot of stone buildings and colorful tailings about 4 miles from the highway on a creek crossing a narrow road.  At the junction of US 50 and 376 there is a series of hot springs.  To the east are several mines, Linka and Conquest mines.   East on US 50," the loneliest road in the US", just past Hickson summit is a petroglyph site.  Strange images among the cedar trees.  The pictures are here.  

Eureka    Eureka is an old mining town founded in 1864.  There are lots of old buildings and lots of mines surrounding the town.  Pictures are here.

Mines Southwest of Eureka  There are many mines southwest of Eureka, and some are very well preserved.  Some are behind fences and can not be accessed.  Pictures are here.

Mines South of Eureka    The Diamond mine on New York Canyon road is the best preserved mine.  The Bayside mine on the east side of the mountains by Eureka also are well preserved.  Pictures are here.

Monitor Valley  We drove west on US 50 to the turnoff to Monitor valley, which runs north and south for 80 miles.  The first 60 miles are a very good dirt road with a speed of 45 MPH.  There are Barite (Barium ore) processing plants and mines with good rock collecting.  Pictures are here.  That night we stayed in Tonopah and drove home the next day. Pictures are here.                       Notes are here