The address, phone number, email, and pictures from the  SPHS yearbook and 40th reunion are sorted by the last name at graduation. 

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Maral Adams

Anita Allen

Bob Ahr

Phil Batson

Arlene Billings Aguilar  

Phil Blanche

Jon Bowew 

Pat Breckenridge

Cay Coe Lutz

John Culbertson     

Tom Cutting     

Michael Dalo

Carolyn Dawson Grow    

Dan Dohlen    

John Donohue

Myra DUNHAM Hansen  

Iris Hale Davis

James Robert Estey

George Gavras

Jerry Goodman  

Pat Harmon Runnuls    

Tom Hill

Dave Houston     

Margie Iwasaki

Ron Keck

Peggy Klass Ellis      

Linda Logan Vignone   

Dave Lund

David McCracken



Joe McLaughlin 

Jim Newsom 

Cale Newcomer     

Gwen Olson Byrd

Lollie  Osgood Kendrick

W. L.(Bill) Peters

George Peinado 

Susan Richardson Bergern

Don Rogers    

Ted Schmitt         

Eric Smith   

Janice Thompson    

John Wing     

Ray Walker   

Warren Wiltrout

Bill Yerkes

Katina Zaharias Todd