Penna 2001 (Click on the pic to see it BIG!)

Pa140437.jpg (91638 bytes)    Uncle Mickey and Aunt Anna Sofranko

Pa150455.jpg (54269 bytes)               Aunt Eleanore Weiss

Pa170463.jpg (66457 bytes)                              Johnny and Elna Wargo

Pa130421.jpg (134127 bytes)    Dave L, Amy D, Stephanie C, Sharon D, Christie L, and more!

Pa130424.jpg (169651 bytes)          Kim, Christie, and Dave Lescinski

Pa130430.jpg (172167 bytes)         Buddy Chapman and his cousin Christie Lescinski

Pa140433.jpg (62713 bytes)            Aunt Sophie Borsheski

Pa140435.jpg (65221 bytes)                      Uncle Edward Borsheski

Pa160457.jpg (144754 bytes)             Annette and Burt Chapman at their Napa Auto Parts store

Pa230464.jpg (79261 bytes)                    Halina Fedor

Pa140431.jpg (339024 bytes)     A Sunday walk at Lake Wallenpaupak

 Pa130402.jpg (292648 bytes)             Pa130405.jpg (310419 bytes)                 30 Myrtle St, Backyard

Pa130404.jpg (105604 bytes)                           Town Park, Waymart, Pa

Pa130414.jpg (96471 bytes)                             St Tihkon's Monastery

pa130417e.JPG (123981 bytes)           old schoolhouse

Pa160458.jpg (189888 bytes)   Roebling Bridge, D&H Canal   (brought canal boats across the Delaware)