The 1995 Hermosa Beach Misadventurer was held at Hockett meadows,

11 miles by trail from Mineral King in the Western Sierra Nevada mountains.                Click on picture to see a larger picture.


hock95_meadow.jpg (49398 bytes)           hock95_buckero.jpg (116481 bytes)      hock95_lunchftrail.jpg (196284 bytes)            hock95st_amp_cl.jpg (39900 bytes)

Hockett Meadow     On the trail         Trail lunch        Steve, Amp, and Claudia 

hock95steve_jim_stef.jpg (35925 bytes)  Steve, Steffanie, and Jim   waiting for the pack train to arrive

 hock95_firesing.jpg (117577 bytes)                 hock95_group.jpg (127446 bytes)   

 Singing at campfire             Group                        On trail


   Around fire               Jim and Chuck fishing                 Fish


  Jim and friends                 Amp Jim Steve

New Pictures Feb 2016   Here are Claudia's new found pictures for Hocket Meadows 1995