The 1999 misadventure was in Yosemite National park at a campground at the east end of the valley. 

No bears (except for Tami's bear showed up)      

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yose1999glac.jpg (126405 bytes)                                            yose99_glacpt.jpg (115261 bytes)                            yos_jim ros_tent.jpg (74077 bytes)  

      Is that the little speck                    Where is it we are supposed       Home construction  

 to the left of Baja a climber?                  to go from here?                              101  

yos99biknodome.jpg (123836 bytes)                                             yos99_rush_hr.jpg (109140 bytes)             99_ma_george_yos.JPG (37821 bytes)

Navigating across the meadow.                 Rush hour traffic            George at Glacier Point