The 2003 Hermosa Beach Misadventurers at the Izant's house in MD   Return to Misadventurers Index page

The 2003 Misadventurers was held at the Izant's house in Crownsville, MD.   We all arrived in Crownsville on a rainy afternoon.  Ten of us journeyed from the West coast to join Steve and Susan.  They had invited their east coast friends to join their west coast friends at a party the first evening.   The photos on the linked page show that a good time was had by all.  The next day was a boat trip, dinner at Rudy's, and a trip on the Metro to downtown Washington DC to see the Capital Steps.  Finally, a tour of Annapolis and dinner completed the agenda for the Misadventurers East Coast adventure.


These are new pictures contibuted by Jim R