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   The 2004 Hermosa Beach Misadventurers was held from 24(Thursday) to 27(Sunday) June 2004 at Camp Nelson in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Camp Nelson has a web site  where photos and information are located.   A party was held 17 January at the Schmeltzer/Crane's to announce the place.

The day of arrival was warm.  The 15 miles drive up from Springville had lots of curves, everyone survived the trip.  Only John and Sue got lost on the way up .  Most had arrived by dinner, with Jim and Sharon R arriving that night at 10 PM and Rich and Tami arriving Saturday afternoon.  The first night was Mexican food and singing around the fire disc with presto logs.  ( This is a high fire danger area, so no large outdoor fire was allowed.  The pictures of the outside area show the lodge and the fire area along with the Misadventurers. 

Click for    The group picture is here.

Two hikes were held.  The pictures show the size of the big trees.

The last pictures show the swimming pool and the breakfast the next morning.  Chuck and Missy are next years hosts.