Katherine Extension  Mine

Location  In Mohave county,  East of Laughlin on highway 68 2 miles, then north on Kathermine Landing Road.   35 14.02n  114  31.46n

Mineral   Gold


During 1915-1916, the present shaft was sunk to the 100-foot   level, and some drifting was done. Further exploration was carried

on in 1921. In 1932, E. Ross Householder leased the mine. Later in the same year, E. F. Niemann and associates, who subsequently

formed the Gold Standard Mines Corporation, obtained control of the property. Up to January, 1934, this company had

done about 1,000 feet of development work on the 100 level and mined ore that, treated in the Gold Standard mill (see page

103), yielded about 890 ounces of gold and 1,734 ounces of silver. 

Also called the roadside mine.