Antler Mine

Location  In Mohave county south of Kingman AZ.   15 miles east of Yucca ( on I-40) up Boriana Canyon Rd.   34 52.79n   113 58.06w

Mineral    Copper and Zinc in Sulphide


The original Antler claim was located in 1879 on oxidized copper ore containing from 5 to 12 percent Cu

(Romslo, 1948). This claim, patented in 1894 (mineral survey no. 903; Stringham, 1946), lies within the Antler

claims (fig. 3) and contains the Antler mine. Eight unpatented mining claims adjoin the Antler patent; three

are within the study area. These patented and unpatented claims are held by Standard Metals Corp., New York

City. The ANT, Stray Horse, and Putter groups of copper- zinc-lead claims are within 1 mi of the study area,

but none of these have been mined.


The Antler massive sulfide deposit is roughly tabular. It strikes N. 20 to 30 E. along its 2,000-ft strikelength and dips about 70 NW. Folding deformed the

body into "ore shoots" that rake N. 50 at the north end of the deposit and rake southward at the south end; this

relation indicates a late overall arching of the entire deposit. The deposit extends to at least 650 ft in depth, but

its total depth is not known and it continues along strike at least 300 ft into the study area .



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